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Why shall you conduct Soil test:

Soil testing is most crucial thing in agribusiness. If you are a grower, agronomist, plant pathologist, plant nutrition expert, consultant and connected in any capacity to agribusiness, first thing to start with is Soil Analysis. This will help you to understand as what is status of natural minerals available in the land on which we are planning to work or working already. Soil test helps growers to minimise cost of production , saves land degradation, saves crops, improve crop health, shine, color and growth.We have travelled far off areas for taking soil samples and have analysed that crops are getting worse effect due to over utilisation of nutrition, chemical spray and poor management of farms rather nutrition deficiencies. So in order to save money, your soil plants / crops it is better to conduct a soil test every year.

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Dev R Bhardwaj
Mrs. Sangeeta Bhardwaj

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Services offered:

  • Soil and plant testing for macro- and micronutrients
  • Irrigation water quality assessment
  • Manure analysis for total nutrient content
  • Soil and plant analysis for heavy metals and pollutant element
  • Advisory on balanced fertilizer use
  • Advisory on management of problem soils
Download : Soil sampling technique (PDF Format)