1. Direction & Administration-125-Modernization
  2. Interest subsidy for crop loans
  3. Tribal Sub Plan – Marketing Infrastructure facilities to LAMPS Federation
  4. Yeshasvini Co-operative Health Scheme
  5. Financial Assistance to SC/ST/BC/Minorities Cooperative Societies
  6. Loan waiver-Failed bore wells.
  7. Interest Subvention for loans to SHG’s
  8. Enrolment of BPL,SC,ST,Backward Class/Minority ,Women,Disabled persons as members of all types of Co-operatives
  9. Technology and Human Resources Development fund
  10. Loan for Agricultural Financial Institutions –Loans to KSCARD Bank
  11. Share capital assistance to financially weak consumer, marketing and processing co operative societies
  12. Fisheries-Short term loans through cooperative banks
  13. Pashu Bhagya Animal husbandry -Short term loans through cooperative Banks.
  14. Construction of godowns in PPP Model.
  15. Financial Assistance to Cooperative Election Authority
  16. Financial Assistance to buy cleaning ang grading equipment to PACS..
  17. Financial Assistance to Construction of training centres for Karnataka State Cooperative Federation.
  18. Computerisation of PACS and SHG’s